meet Jessica

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee, the driving force behind The Davis Standard, is a UC Berkeley Haas Business School alum and seasoned 20 year finance executive with a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise. She started her career as an investment banker at Citigroup where she met her husband and continued to rise through the ranks at prominent Wall Street investment firms.

In 2018, Jessica noticed the lack of authentic social media presence with corporate working women despite the fact so many were spending time on social media. Hence she made her Instagram debut with the creation of The Davis Standard, the first influencer-led, female-focused platform with a mission to empower professional women. Jessica balances her career with raising two wonderful kids in New York City.

Jessica's extensive corporate experience as an investor on Wall Street, relatable journey as a Korean American / career mom, with a distinct voice and candor, and passion for empowering women make her a role model to help women navigate their careers with confidence and authenticity.

Entrepreneur, Influencer, Investor and Founder of The Davis Standard